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MIDI Output from Loopy interface.


I would like to be able to capture and replay my Loopy arrangement/performance via MIDI.
This seems to be possible if I record and playback my Loopy MIDI 'control inputs' from an external source, but I would really like to use the native Loopy interface.
Would you consider adding something like 'control outputs' with basic MIDI output from the tracks?
(track starts/mutes sending note messages maybe?)
Sorry if I've overlooked some way of doing this already.



  • Not in Loopy, I'm afraid.. but you might be interested in Masterpiece

  • Cheers for the reply. Fair enough.

    I'm absolutely interested in Masterpiece! (bordering on desperation and have been since it was first announced!)

    Best of luck with development.

  • Thanks! =) Yeah, I'm pretty excited about it!

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