Poll: Pro users, what audio interface hardware are you using?

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In an attempt to better understand what you guys are up to, I'm asking you the question:

What audio interface hardware are you using with Loopy? (Use the poll at the bottom of the sidebar to indicate which.)

I'd love to hear your answers, to help me figure out what to focus on. Let me know if your hardware isn't in the list, and I'll add it.

I'd also like to hear your opinion on what you have (and anything else you've tried in the past) - have you had good experiences with the hardware? Bad ones? Anything to look out for?

Thanks heaps!


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    Thanks for asking. I have Loopy on an iPad and am running it in/out of a Bose T1/L1 system via USB using the camera connection kit. I'm triggering Loopy using the Logidy usb foot switch and a USB hub.
  • Im using the samson meteor - and it could really use in app recording levels as you can't set them on the mic! Otherwise l, works a treat!
  • Behringer UFO202. Costs about US$33 at Amazon, bus-powered, plugs into CCK, provides RCA input and output.
  • Presonus AudioBox 22 VSL. Great preamps for relatively small amount of money.
  • I use a Line-6 mobile in (24 bit) primarily and an M-Audio Fast Track (24 bit) w/ guitar jack and XLR jack via usb camera kit on my ipad sometimes. Occasionally I use my iRig, but not usually.

    Using the Line-6 mobile in most all apps gets downgraded to 16 bit. I bought my Line-6 mobile in december of 2011 and I really love it, excellent quality and no problems, but I have not really been able to use it to its fullest potential. I probably would not suggest anyone else buy it until most devs support 24 bit import and 24 bit rendering. Apple is allegedly going to add new connectors in October (probably) to devices and I have not even been able to use 24 bit on anything accept multitrack DAW (as of july 03 2012), mobile POD and Sunvox. I hope other developers support 24 bit soon.

    I just want to say I'm very excited to use audiobus.
  • No interface yet, but I plan on getting the iConnectMuse, based on my experience with iConnectMIDI.
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    Another Presonus Audiobox 22 VSL here! Both midi and audio.
  • I'm usung the iu2 because of the stereo in/out and midi syncing... I'm open to better interfaces (my ipad3 kept me from getting the Alesis).
  • I'm using the rme fireface ucx in CC-mode. 8 inputs, 8 outputs + midi
  • Thanks Michael for starting this thread. I just bought an iPad 3 and downloaded Loopy HD. Now looking for the best audio/midi interface, to dig in!

    @Jeff_KC - cool that you're running loopy through a Bose T1. I'll look into that. Thought the USB on the T1 was only for software updates. Glad I was wrong. Logidy foot switch looks good too.

    @Marcdetriumphe - I just looked at the NAMM vids on the UCX last night; looks powerful for iOS. Is the routing easy, to get both audio and midi into Loopy at the same time?

    Basically, what I'm looking for is an interface/controller that can simultaneously input audio and midi. I'd like to be able to sync up mics, instruments, and midi controllers (foot and also synth/drum machines) together with Loopy. Ideas?

    Lastly, I assume it's proprietary though has anyone been able to tweek the Digitech iPB-10 to use with Loopy?
  • i first try a tascam ixz, 2. Line6 mobile in (stereo ins!), but it has a to big latency to groove with it, now i use a alesis i/o Dock and it rocks, its been even a better feeling as the mobile in, you have an direct monitoring / MIDI & a stable Dock.
    PS: The poll is just for one interface ;-)
  • Using tascam iu2. It hass been a little temperamental, and the cello player I work with has been reluctant to switch from his Roland looper. I am syncing to external clock from Ableton, with some pieces, we have quite widely changing tempo maps. Occasionally, Loopy will experience audio clocking errors resulting in characteristic square wave clocking distortion. When this occurs, the ios seems to stop recognising the iu2 at all, and won't then recognise it for an arbitrary length of time. This is very scary as we never know in gigs whether it is going to reliably work... once it stops working in a gig, there is no way of then fixing it for the next song!
  • @ mojofunk & rolandvg99

    You´re not using the Audiobox with Loopy (= ios), do you?! Would be great, but I doubt.
  • @richardev Wow, that is scary! Will be interesting to see if the next version is different at all...
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    I sure do, through a powered hub. Using it with my Roland VG99, FC-300 floorboard and a Ploytec 34oneII atm.
  • I plug a mic into a Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer then into an Apogee Jam to bring the output of the VE-20 into the iphone.

    I'm intending to swap the ve-20 for a Kaoss Pad 3 asap for more diverse effects.
  • @BBDChip: well i m using the ucx with MultiTrackDaw and it works great!the midi setup with loopy is also quit easy.( I ve got the FC 300) but as the audi interface of loopy was buggy for stereo interfaces i wasnt able to test loopy In the whole....Hoping the update will fix that ;-)
  • @Marcdetriumphe: Here's hoping =) Let me know how you go, once it's out.
  • Howdy Folks,

    I just ordered a Presonus Audiobox 22VSL and am wondering what people are using for USB hubs. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated!

  • Just got my ioDock and and SoftStep midi controller!
  • Hey guys,

    wanted to buy the shure x2u since it seemed to be the perfect interface:

    But it does not work with the camera connection kit! :-(

    has anyone experience if it will work with a powered usb-hub like this one? : http://cgi.ebay.com/4-Port-Solar-Powered-Battery-USB-Hub-Cha rger-Adapter-/130457663826?pt=PDA_Accessories&hash=item1e5fe 1f952
  • "Duracell rechargable USB power charger" as an extra power supply might be the solution for all mobile interfaces which are not working with the connection kit?

    has anyone gained experience?
  • I'm so confused with all the tech possibilities your guys mention. I've no idea how to set anything like up or how to find out how to.
    Is it possible for loopy users who are linking with mics, midi and amps explain what they use and how they connect and use.
    This would be really helpful.
  • @Nathan,

    The world of interfaces has a lot of options, and it really depends what you are trying to do. However, maybe explaining my transition from Loop pedals to Loopy (which I've basically just finished buying stuff to achieve) will help. I'm doing this at pretty low level, not to be patronising, but so that I cover off everything in case you are unsure about a particular component / technology.

    Old Setup:
    2 x Boss RC-30 Loop pedals (Each one can do 2 channels, but its a nightmare to toggle each channel on-off etc)
    Looping with Voice, Guitar, Cajon drum and Keys / Bass as needed

    New Setup:
    iPad with Loopy HD
    Apple Camera Connection Kit (which you'll see abbreviated everywhere to CCK)
    Alesis IO4 (a 4 channel USB interface)
    Roland FC-200 midi footpedal

    Basically, normal foot pedals have the great advantage of letting you operate them hands free, but sacrifice on functionality, or ease of quick-use.

    Loopy is a very tactile interface, as you'll no doubt have seen/ experienced, but the iPad limits input and certainly isn't something you'd stomp on.

    In terms of Inputs / interfaces, you can do 1 of 3 things:

    1. Get a USB2 interface which (and google this for the ones you're looking for, or see if others have experience in the above posts) is Class Compliant, meaning you can use it on a Mac/Pc typically without installing. Also available are USB microphones, like the BLUE ones, many of which work with the iPad.

    A number of interfaces have been proven to work with the iPad (and yes, sadly just the iPad can use the CCK to connect things up), which I'm sure you can see listed somewhere on Google.

    2. (If you are an iPhone man) Get one of the simpler in-line solutions, which essentially takes the standard iPhone headphones (with left, right and a mic for handsfree calls) and replaces the 'handsfree mic' with a connector for either Guitar or Mic Cable. Examples include the Apogee JAM,

    3. There are also some mic / adaptors which use the standard iPhone charger connector socket and offer a mic or line input (Tascams IM2 is a microphone clip on, for example).

    In most cases (assuming they are compatible) these literally plug in and Loopy will see them and pick them up.

    Now the harder part, Footpedals.

    Granted, this is more for the performing instrumentalist, but getting a foot-solution for Loopy typically requires either amazing toe co-ordination and the risk of cracking your iPad screen (Not recommended), or a MIDI Pedal into a iOS compatible MIDI interface.

    MIDI is a pretty universal communication standard which allows things like pedals to send messages (typically in the nature of: Channel 1, Value 150 etc. ) to MIDI-Compatible devices.

    If you can get a MIDI signal into Loopy, there's a settings area where you can map signals, (e.g. Stomp on the left pedal - which generates a unique message) to actions in Loopy, like 'start record - track 1').

    Again, there's 2 ways to get MIDI into the iPad:
    1. a dedicated MIDI interface - typically these use the iPad connector socket. Disadvantage - you can't then also plug in one of the aforementioned audio interfaces.

    2. MIDI ports built into one of the USB 2 audio interfaces I mentioned in 1) above. This allows you to get both MIDI and Audio in via the connector and, while more expensive, is probably the better option to minimise hassle.

    In terms of interfaces, I can only speak for a couple:
    1. Tascam IM2 (about $100ish)- A stereo microphone (of the clip-on variety mentioned above). It's really very good and clear for things like recording a live gig, and works with an iPhone, but I found that for Loopy, having the mic attached to the phone / pad meant that you have to be REALLY close to the device, not so great for the tactile interface.

    2. Alesis IO4 ($150) - A 4 channel USB interface with built in MIDI. Its pretty plastic and not exactly rugged built quality, but lets you record 4 channels at the same time to the iPad (and will give you a choice of channels 1-4 in Loopy, pending this coming update).

    Issues - Power supply is pretty short, the gain (mic volume) for each channel seems to need to be really high for microphones for some reason, but once you're set up its pretty great for Loopy. It has the added advantage that you could also use it to do multitrack recording on a PC (comes with Cubase - pretty good studio software), and does actually work as a standalone mixer for 4 channels, with Stereo outputs and headphones.

    Nothing like EQ, FX or even Panning on the device itself, but hey, its only $150!

    I come from a background of expensive studio devices, mainly Logic rigged up with Apogee and MOTU hardware, which is much much more expensive, and obviously both of the above aren't Pro-album quality, however the IO4 is certainly gig-able.

    Hope this helps.
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    @Nathan - attached a couple screenshots of how to use an interface with iPad.

    1. Simple - Just a guitar, midi pedal, going via interface into an amp


    2. My setup (simplified) Guitar and Voice, with a pedal, going to the PA mixer.


    I should also add that, where I've put MIDI into the interface, something a lot of people do is to have a USB foot controller (like the SoftStep, above) and get a USB Hub, which lets you connect more than 1 USB to your iPad. I didn't do this route simply because I'd heard that USB hubs can throw a spanner in the works sometimes when doing multi-track USB recording.
  • @Marcdetriomphe Thanks for the insight into the UCX and Loopy. Great that midi is easy to configure though too bad that stereo audio has been a problem for you. I read a Sound on Sound article on the UCX and the author suggested that it's a fantastic interface, and one of only two units that can get eight tracks simultaneously into the ipad for recording. He also said it's not one to buy "to use with an ipad alone". Unfortunately, looks like there's currently no app to take advantage of the Total Mix tool set, which limits a lot of the features of the UCX. Looks like a great unit, and probably the most professional one on the market as an ipad interface. Hope that RME keeps moving in the right direction with ipad integration.

  • @BBDChip:I totally agree with u. The bottleneck of my setup is definitely the iPad. But i m sure that will change and more and more apps will support those interfaces as the iPad is really great for creating music - if u dont want to carry all ure heavy equipment...just the ipad and the ucx...and of course some musicians...
    Yes its a bit uncomfortable that totalMix isnt working on the ipad but ure able to save up to 6 of ure laptop-settings and recall them in classcomplient mode. Im fine with that. The bigger issue is that only two stereo outs are available :-( but maybe also that will change...

    First step...get loopy running with the Ucx ;-)
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    @ipod/iphone users: tascam's iu2 seems to be the only solution for both audio (not in-line) and midi. I can manage with its built quality (or lack thereof) but I really struggle with this ridiculously short connection cable. Anyone tried a dock extender cable such as this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/Proxima®-Extension-Support-Charger-version/dp/B004E7OOCK with the iu2 with success?
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    @mojofunk & @rolandvg99

    Which powered USB hub are you using with your 22VSL?

  • Belkin F5u404
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