New Loopy HD version: 1.4.11 (Loopy 2.5.11)



  • Hi Michael:
    Thanks for the Test Flight invite. After some traveling and general busyness with work and fatherhood, I finally got around to testing my setup with MIDI syncing Ableton as master and LoopyHD as a slave. It's still a little dicey. I saw on another thread that you have a utility to measure the quality of the incoming MIDI sync signal. Can you please share it with me? After a a little more testing I'll let you know what I've found when trying to sync to Ableton Live.
    Also, I love the Record Prime feature, as well as long-press. Brilliant!

  • Rock solid sync to external midiclock is the only thing holding Loopy back from pro gigs, so it's great that Michael is working hard on sync issues but not surprising that it's still a bit flaky. Hopefully soon!

  • Are you guys using the new update, .12?

  • Hi Michael,

    Unfortunately, no, due to this:

    My band's iPads are all running iOS 7.1.2, so I havent been able to participate in your beta testing except to try using releases subsequent to v4.1.10

    The "stutter" is literally a showstopper for us.


  • Damn, okay. I'm sorting that out for the next update

  • @Michael please
    I am not able to open or upgrade loopy hd beta version

  • edited May 2015

    I had to delete and install the "normal" version of the appstore via itunes. :(

  • Same problem.

  • Not sure why that's happening (TestFlight still has some glitches), but there's no beta version right now - the latest version is the App Store version.

  • ok, thanks

  • ok, beta is end. I install full version. Thanks.

  • expired again :(

  • Yup, stick with the App Store version for now; no beta currently.

  • All right, is that still had installed testflight and probably that he was blocking.
    TestFlight already uninstalled and reinstalled Loopy HD again.

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