New Loopy HD version: 1.4.11 (Loopy 2.5.11)

I'm very happy to announce that the newest version of Loopy has just landed!

Here's what's new:

  • Added hold (long press) trigger type for MIDI controllers
  • Revised binding actions UI: actions can now be edited, specific trigger states can be selected, and actions now have descriptions
  • Replaced MIDI clock implementation with The Spectacular Sync Engine prerelease
  • Added "Prime recording" action
  • Added "Tempo nudge up" and "Tempo nudge down" actions
  • Added "Mute" action
  • Added "Toggle mute/mute after record" action
  • Added "Decay" adjust action
  • Performance improvements for iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6
  • Fixed problems with timed mute/unmute lag
  • Persist time signature across session reset
  • Fixed responsiveness issue with track menu
  • Added Inter-App Audio Sync switch
  • Improved session pause/unpause microfade
  • Addressed some re-record audio truncation issues
  • Fixed playback issue on initial manual punch-out
  • Assorted bug fixes
  • Added German translation

May it serve you well!

Many thanks to all who helped test it.



  • @Michael said:
    Here's what's new:

    • Added "Prime recording" action
    • Added "Toggle mute/mute after record" action
    • Added "Decay" adjust action

    oh dear, my undue exuberance over these new features makes it official: I'm a Loopy HD fanboy. I can't wait to give this a try. =)

  • Will try tonight- thanks Michael!

  • very excited for the long press. (Finally will be able to undo/over dub!) This is such a great addition. What exactly is prime recording? Record upon first sound?

  • Hehe thanks guys

    Prime record lets you use a play-mute/etc trigger to trigger recording - so you press prime, then the loop you want to record. Basically it means you can have, say, a button for each loop (bound to toggle mute), and then use that to overdub as well.

  • This wasn't done before? I've used the mute binding to record/mute/play for a while now.

  • I guess I'll have to play with this to see. I couldn't overdub before so that seems very efficient.

  • Previously it would always record on a blank track, but overdubbing was impossible. Thank @Tom for this one, he's been very influential with this version!

  • I can't wait to try this tonight. I'm gonna have fun experimenting with these new options. Thanks @michael!

  • I like the extra definitions for bindings, very helpful.

    I also notice Tom got a personal binding, sweet! How much do those cost? ;-)

  • They cost many hours of testing ;-)

  • no doubt! plus all the excellent youtubes he has posted.

    By the way, thanks for this. Many more hours of fun will be had with the latest features.

  • My pleasure!

  • Just saw the update. I gotta stop working so much. Looking forward to getting into it this weekend.

    Thanks @Michael

  • Hehe, you're most welcome @Ganthofer! Let me know if you have any trouble at all.

  • @Michael - Since you're online and just out of curiosity. How long is the long press set for?

  • It's 0.5 seconds

  • +1 a great update!

  • Finally incorporated "Prime Recording" into my system... kicks ass over the workaround I was using... thanks @Michael and @Tom!

  • Long Press has allowed me to do so much! (After I figured out to configure the FCB1010 to recognize it that is).

    @Michael, Any chance of ever making an interface with just 3 loops on it? It's probably a dumb request, but I try to keep it as simple as possible when playing live.

  • @Michael said:

    .> press prime, then the loop you want to record

    I've been trying to find Prime for half an hour. Baffled. iPad Air 2, latest release of Loopy HD.

  • Advanced features

  • Thanks, Broken. This still confused me for a bit. I'm going to take a shot at expanding for those who come to this thread later. Feel free to correct.

    Among the new features of 1.4.11 is the ability to prime recording on a track to be triggered by a bound MIDI function. In Settings / MIDI, you need to have a source set under control inputs (e.g., Network Session 1). The disclosure (arrow) button next to the source leads to a panel when you can tap Add Binding. From there, tap on the choices to the right of Action, then choose Track Actions on the next panel, then Advanced Functions. At the ottom of that final panel is the Prime Recording choice. After you select it, the MIDI binding screen will then capture the next MIDI command it receives and use that later as the trigger for recording.

  • edited April 2015

    Hi Michael
    Has anyone been testing (or reporting problems with) the new sync engine via external midi clock? I had a good go at it, but ended up reverting to 1.4.10. The problems seemed mostly related to punching in and out. Punching in suffered from "blank first beat" (i.e. a recording lag), sometimes followed by random temporal marker shifting upon punching out. I tried lots of different variations of the new bindings, the track setting and latency variables, but couldnt shake off these problems. Reverting to 1.4.10 immediately resulted in things being back to normal (which isnt 100% solid via external sync but at this stage seems significantly more robust than The Spectacular Sync Engine prerelease in 1.4.11)
    I'm intending to assist via TestFlight but I'm in a very busy patch for the next week (hence this post). Sorry I don't have time to be more specific and/or test 1.4.12 right now - it's exciting to see good progress in Loopy!

  • Hi @Diggo - if you're running iOS 7, try out the prerelease version; I've addressed that initial playback gap.

  • Thanks! (I am using iOS7 and will try out the pre-release asap)

  • One option I'd like to have available is blocking start/stop messages from incoming midi clock data. IOW, it would be nice if Loopy just listened to tempo, but doesnt react to start/stop within the incoming clock data. I'm guessing I could probably do this via a midi utility, but it would be nice to have that option inside Loopy.Thanks!

  • Uh, I'm sorry - I meant to say iOS 8 =) TestFlight is, alas, iOS 8 only.

  • Hi Michael. Thanks for the update! I'm running iOS 8 and am interested in external midi sync as well. I'd be stoked to beta test. I've already signed up at the link above.
    I would like to sync LoopyHD on an iPad mini 2 to Ableton Live running on OS X 10.9.5. I would make the connection both over wifi and with an iConnectMidi wired interface.
    Thanks again for awesome software!

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