One for Michael really
I've been looking for a looping device for some time now to use in a street puppet show, your app would seem to fit the bill.
The only thing is I would need to buy an iphone.
Funds are a bit limited (and after stupidly buying an Ipod 4 without checking if it would work i don't want to make any more mistakes)
Whats my best bet?
You say that the current version is optimised for the iphone 5s is this still the case and for how long


  • Anyone know if you can purchase an app in iTunes then download the latest compatible version to your device? If so, Mr. Zoog would be able to use an older version of Loopy with his iPod Touch (presumably on iOS 6)

  • Should be able to instal an old version of loopy.
    If memory serves, i believe you download as normal, but just before actually downloading (after entering password) it should ask if you want the last compatible version.

    It's been a while since i looked that up, so it isnt gospel, but i have a feeling that it should work :)

  • Absolutely, it'll download the latest compatible version. Loopy does work with the iPod Touch.

  • Funny how things work sometimes.I had heard that this was the case ,but it didn't work.... Before.
    After getting your messages I thought i'd try again and by Jingo it works. I now have loopy HD on the old ipod 4 and i'm having more fun than you can shake a stick at.
    The only difference being that I had purchased it already with my sons Iphone 5s (my account) to check it out. Before it wouldn't let me buy it.
    Thanks again.

  • Oh by the way Michael this truly is an awesome app.

  • Thank you! And glad to hear it.

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