Recommendation for shifting down one octave

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I'd like to shift my guitar down one octave without buying a physical pedal. What I have so far is:

iRigHD + free version of Amplitube (you get a couple of freebies with the iRig, but not an octave pedal)

Garageband for iPad.

It looks like I can add the 'Octave' Stomp Effect for Amplitube but am interested if this can be done in Loopy without purchasing an additional effect?


  • not yet

  • you'll also need Audiobus.

    And "not yet" is referring to the new app still being developed, which may have built-in effects. I don't believe it is in the plans for the standard Loopy HD app to ever have built-in effects.

  • FWIW - I'd recommend trying the OCT-2 and the psuedo-POG pedals in Tonestack. Personally, I decided I prefer the sound of the actual/original outboard pedals, but that is more gear to carry and plug in...

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    I love my MicroPOG, so agree with Bob here. Sometimes it's better not to put so much on the iPad and do something outboard with pedals.

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