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overdub on different tracks?

Hi, I have 4 buttons available in the footcontroller. Need to write three different tracks. The question is do I need to record more instruments on each track during the music, they are 3 different threads. I assigned "Toggle Mute" for the first 3 buttons, but I'm not finding the ideal command to rewrite porteriormente on each track, as even when the first track is playing, the third is who is active to receive the new layer. Any suggestions?


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    @maya - it's not clear to me what you are trying to do. Can you maybe step me through what you are trying to do? Your topic "overdub on different tracks?" leads me to believe you have questions about overdubbing.

    From your description you have Toggle Mute (track 1, 2, 3) assigned to the first 3 buttons on your controller. This will work for starting Record on the track if it is blank. Subsequent button pushes with Mute/unMute the specific track. You can overdub on to any recorded track ( although it will be unMuted while overdubbing). Since you only have 1 button unassigned on your controller, I would assign "Overdub selected". This will start and stop Overdub on the last track that was selected. Depending on your workflow, this may require you to do a quick Mute/unMute on the track you want to overdub on if it was not the last selected track.

    If however you want to record to a blank track and immediately overdub on this track once the initial loop is recorded, then you might try using "ToggleRecord, Then Overdub (track 1, 2, 3) " in place of "Toggle Mute (track 1, 2, 3". Of course then you have the issue of muting the tracks as you only have 1 button left.

  • Hi @Ganthofer, let me explain. When he was a boss rc-300, used the 3 tracks to create 3 different music sequences (one at a time). Can even record more than one instrument on each of them.
    I was already trying to "Toggle Mute", and the fourth button tested various forms (overdub, rerecord, etc). The problem is that after the recorded 3 tracks and be playing the first again, the last remains active and in it the second layer will be recorded. I also tried with next and prev, but is complicated to use live, especially if loopy is in the background.

  • maybe @Michael can fix this.

  • trie these bindings: ´select next´- ´select previous´- ´toggle record, mute, then select next track´- ´solo track´,
    (always ´selected track´)...
    first record 1st track, then second, then third...during the recording of track 3 select track one or two and press
    ´solo track´. the bad thing is that you can´t play back track 3 right after recording.
    second bad thing is that you can´t play loopy in background because you have to look at the tracks for doing the right thing.

  • Had to sacrifice other two buttons, as there is no developer support.

  • I'd say the new "Long press" MIDI trigger should solve your problem - then you can bind long press for each button to "overdub" for each track. The update will be out soon (I'd say within the fortnight), but if you want an early preview, sign up here: http://loopyapp.com/testing/

  • hey, that good news! But I still use the iOS 7.1 because I only migrate to version 8 when you are sure that all apps are 100% compatible. But I'm glad that Loopy has not been forgotten.

  • Hi @Michael, I registered as a beta tester and have installed the latest version. I am using a footcontrooler FCB1010 and would like to use the Toggle Mute feature (on) + Toggle Record (Hold) or vice versa. But none of them worked with the pedal, it seems, it keeps the button in Hold, not allowing use another timer function. Any tips? Thanks

  • UPDATING, I still do not quite understand what they do each new feature. but for me it worked well "Toggle Mute" (Hold) + Prime for certain tracks. Use only 3 tracks (now with record, play, mute and overdub). Very nice!

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