Naming Loops

Hi everyone,
I'm new to Loopy, just wanted to know if there's a way name individual loops.


  • No. There are a number of posts discussing and requesting this function. It was/is on the Facebook poll, although I haven't look at it recently and I'm not sure if @Michael is still using it to prioritize feature additions.

  • He is indeed. It's already in my designs for Masterpiece; there'll be ideas that migrate back to Loopy along the way, that'll be one. Currently working on some more pressing compatibility stuff, though, I'm afraid, so it's not gonna be straight away.

  • Brilliant news @Michael, I am triggering pre made loops using loopy as my main backing for live duo gigs, I used to use an R8 & an SR16, but now using only Loopy HD, my I-pad is docked into a Behringer IS202, this is an absolute revelation, I can thank you enough. :)

  • Cool! And you're most welcome, cheers =)

  • Hi Everyone,
    any updates to name individual loops yet?

  • Yup, this is coming in Loopy Pro, @Amadeus

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