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Separate page for favorite sessions

Let me start off by saying how much I love Loopy :)
Would it be possible to create a separate page in Loopy where we could store some of our favorite loopy sessions and recall them at a touch. I use loopy live as a drum/backing track assistant which is great, I trigger the loops from my foot switch like I would if were using a regular drum machine like say an SR16, the only problem I have is when I'm performing live is the down time loading a new session using the normal load procedure, it takes a few seconds to switch sessions which is long enough to clear the dance floor. If we had a page with say 16 assignable pads where favorite sessions could be stored including tempo, then they could be triggered on the fly without the need of loading from the menu. This would be very desirable to so many live musicians, most would do away with using drum machines for good. Thanks. Chris.

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