Loopy pre-release

Hi Michael,

I would like to clarify a few things before carrying out my tests on the new Loopy update.
1. What do you mean when you say you have 'added a prime recording action'?
2. What are the performance improvements for the iPad air 2 and how could one differenentiate between this and the old release?
3. What do you mean by "fixed the resposiveness issue with track menu"?
4. What are the benefits of adding an inter-app audio sync switch?
And from watching your recent videos I am also aware of all the hard work you have put in to the new 'Spectacular Sync Engine'.
5. Are there any ways of seeing directly, how much it has improved over the old model?

Finally, I would like to add that I feel truly privileged to be a part of Loopy Masterpiece. I am watching all of your videos and feel a greater sense of excitement about it than I have of any other app/software. This is in part to do with your fantastic work ethic and skills as a programmer but is also down to your unique set of values and ethics. By opening the door to the public and giving everybody a peek in to the development of the product, it has helped to further dissolve the 'iPad apps are toys' debate. It has provided a mutual platform for both you the developer and us the gereral public to express our thoughts and desires towards Loopy as a 'professional workhorse' and I am in no doubt that the final product will reflect this. Once again thank you for opening the doors and I look forward to giving the pre-release a thorough testing.



  • Hi Beatroots,

    I can help you out with 1 and 3
    1: prime recording allows for an infinite overdub on a prerecorded track. Press Prime and press the track you wish to overdub on.

    3: I had an issue where Loopy's main window was slowing down volume adjustments from an expression pedal. Now its buttersmooth.


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    Hey James,

    1 - what Tom said!
    2 - see this explanation for what it is; actually comparing might be tricky without two identical devices, but generally there should be less audio stuttering in congested environments
    3 - actually, not quite what Tom said; there was an issue with the menu where it became unresponsive to touch sometimes. All fixed.
    4 - sync is great, but sometimes you don't want it =)

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