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Waiting for long count-in

I'm sure I'm missing something...
Say I do a 2 bard beat loop on two tracks. Each one counts in and I can see the orange light going around to get to the top when I can start recording. So now I have two, 2-bar tracks. I now want to sing an 8 bar track. I set the loop to 8 bars. Now, when I hit the new track, I have to wait EIGHT bars for the light to get to that top to start recording! If I want a 16 bar track it's even worse! What am I missing? I don't want to have to wait for 8 or 16 bars every time I want to add to this track, but I want the metronome. Or do I need it? Help!


  • look at ´settings´>track management>count-in quantize:
    there you can choose: ´clock lenght´ (all the bars you selected you have to wait until the recording starts...that´s what you described),
    ´quarter bar´=the recording starts very soon (my favourite..), ´half bar´, and so on...

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