live performance - audio solutions for PA

hello dear Loopy HD-Appreciators!

I love this app and use it for a live performance:
URABAN SKILLZ (iPad-Flirt-Comedy + Breakdance) (6:42 min)

my setup:
iPad Mini
audio interface: Roland Duo Capture Ex
lightening connecting kit
shure BETA 58 / diverse headsets

my PROBLEM is: the sound quality that goes out from my audio interface into the PA is that bad, that I have sometimes overdrive (especially when there is a big loud audience crowd) that my sound is not loud enough so the people can not hear my loopy HD sounds anymore.

my interface has always incredible too much peak.

does anybody have experience with live perfances in front of big crowds?

does anybody know which set-up they use in this TV show?
ill Smith & Jimmy Fallon Beatbox "It Takes Two" Using iPad App

thanks in advance!!



  • nice performance!
    you described what is happening sometimes: the signal going into or coming out of the ipad or going into or coming out of the duo capture might be distorted. you should lower the volume going in and out the ipad and interface. if the volume going into the pa (active monitoring??) is to low you could boost it by connecting this small mixer to the ipad directly:
    then you won´t need the duo capture any longer.
    the behringer will do the job. it has built-in stereo USB/Audio Interface to connect directly to your ipad,
    and it has compressors for each mic-channel input. that might help to prevent clipping.

  • hey Owi,

    thanks so much for your help!!!

    again and again I´m surprised how stubid I am... I already have the digital-ipad-mixer Mackie DL806. but I never had the idea to use it as an interface... I´ll check that...

    thanks for your worthful help and knowledge!


    sorry, but the mackie-apps don´t work with audiobus but might work with loopy standalone???

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