Boss FC-50 annoying 'feature'. Anybody using one?

So in a rush of constant upgrading to my looping rig I took the plunge and got this boss machine. It is solid and much more foot-responsive than the Blueboard. Now, everything works as expected hooked up to akai EIE midi in. I have it bound to loopy and it triggers fine. My gripe is that while at a glance it has 2 foot switchable banks: A and B, unfortunately the AB pedal also sends midi messages. This sucks because instead of getting 2 x 5 control switches I only get 5 because as soon as I press the AB switch it sends the same PC message as pedal 2 and 4. If you don't own it what I'm saying probably doesn't make much sense to you. If you do however, have you managed to get it to work as intended? Thanks


  • Cheers @owi I've seen that. That's a real complex way requiring extra apps etc. My setup is super lean for performance so don't have much ram left for translator apps.

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    I'm using one at times. I've come up with a few workarounds.

    1. Set one of the switches (probably the one closest to the A/B switch) as a dummy/blank switch. Then press it before switching banks. This means you only get 8 different switch commands, though, since you'll need the dummy switch assigned to both banks for moving both ways between the banks.

    2. If you use the "clear track" or "rerecord track" midi bindings I think they're only triggerable by pressing the foot switch twice. If you use one of these as your dummy switch by only pressing once and then pressing the A/B bank switch it can serve the same purpose as in solution 1 above. In this method you have to allow a 2 or 3 second pause before pressing the A/B switch so you don't actually trigger the "clear/rerecord track" commands. This is obviously more complicated but does give you another midi binding to work with.

    3. Plug in an extra foot switch (see FC-50 manual for right type) to be used with either of the above configurations.

    4. Set your bindings up in a zig-zag manner and use the A/B to intentionally trigger the other switch's commands. This would prevent unnecessary switch presses but impose a more restricted use of the hardware. It would look something like the following :

    -foot switch 1 = mute track 1 (effectively "record track" if track is blank)

    -foot switch 6 = mute track 2

    -foot switch 7 = mute track 3

    -foot switch 2 = mute track 4

    -foot switch 3 = mute track 5

    -foot switch 8 = mute track 6


    You would have to record by pressing this sequence: FS 1, A/B (triggers 6), FS 7, A/B (triggers 2), FS 3, A/B (triggers 8, etc.

    Let me know what you settle on because I'm still not quite settled on a preference myself.

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