WANTED: Testers for Loopy HD 1.4.11 release candidate

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Hi folks!

Are you running iOS 8, and up for helping me with the next release of Loopy? I'd love your assistance testing the final release candidate version of Loopy HD 1.4.11.

This is really a maintenance release - nothing incredibly exciting here, except for the new hold/long press MIDI trigger, and the improved MIDI clock stuff - but it's been a while since the last release, and I'd like to get as many eyeballs on it as possible before pulling the trigger.

It should be quite stable now (it is a release candidate, after all!).

If you'd like to help, put in your email address here - and thanks!



  • Michael, I'll volunteer to clarify and update the information on the wiki, if you'd like some help there. It leaves a little to be desired. Message me if you are interested.

  • That'd be great, @Kyle76! Alas, it's just a static page, now, as I couldn't keep the goddamn spammers off it. So, if you're still up for it, you can find the source here.

  • So hoping we have so more basic singer song writer midi bindings

  • Tom's crazy binding isn't muting after recording. Ok, as I am digging in, I am finding things. What's the best way to get feedback to you @Michael? Just continue replying to your email? Or did you have another preference?

  • I think email's easiest @Ringleader, yeah. With that binding, you gotta activate it during the count-out to toggle mute after record; the default is to play after.

  • I just love that binding =)


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    I'm liking the sound of this! thanks everyone for putting in the time for testing.

  • Long press Midi? Yes!!!!!! This is what I've been waiting for! Finally can use it to undo/clear.

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