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Hi Michael, i'm from Spain and i love your app. I have a simple question. I have a iodock and i want use this set with loopy to play things in live. For example in a middle of a session or a song i want to mute some tracks at once and then i keep playing on some tracks while others are mute and then return to unmute it to continue playing all song. Would it be possible with tactile gestures or need a midi controller?


  • Hi @radiox,

    Thank you!

    This depends upon how complex your track setup is. Currently, there's no way to solo/unsolo tracks with the interface directly - you need a MIDI controller for that. You can turn multiple tracks on/off by tapping with several fingers at once (take a look at Malika Tirolien doing this live here:, but obviously this is limited to your dexterity!
  • Yeah, it's difficult to do it in live but i try while i have not a MIDI controller. Thank you for your fast answer.
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