Volume Issue

I have noticed that the output from loopy is really low right now. I turned up my inputs as hot as they can get without clipping. I'm wondering if my Cakewalk UA-25EX is the problem. It clips if I put it any higher, but I have to crank it on my PA to get volume. I also have it running into a DI Box to the PA because I thought that would help.

If the card is the issue, which card do you guys use that is really clear and has good volume? 2 inputs at least.


  • I have noticed that the guitar loops I create do not replay at the same volume as the input. I have to raise the track volume about 2 decibels to have good equalization between the looped track and the live guitar playing over it. I am inputting the guitar through JamUp Pro. Is there a universal volume control that I am missing? It's a pain to individually increase each loop volume.

  • I just noticed my DI Box was set to line level. If I switch it to instrument level will that help boost my signal?

    I'm running my guitar and vocals straight into my edirol ua25ex into a passive DI Box.

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