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Endlessly looping frustration

I'm having endless frustrations with Loopy and Audiobus. I desperately want in on what I can see has so much potential and to be part of what seems like an awesome community. (As an aside the AB and Loopy communities seem like it's lead by one of the most down-to-earth and approachable developers and I'm kind of amazed at how this success story has unfolded - I'm also an Australian iOS developer and this is awesome for the dev community too)

I've put messages on both forums and while waiting for a response I've been attempting to get a basic guitar loop layering system going with different effects on the layers. The two ways I can see that this can happen without having to touch the device while playing are
1. to somehow have different pipelines in AB which are pre-set with their different effects. But that doesn't seem possible with Loopy, or at least I can't configure AB as such.
2. to trigger via something like a midi foot pedal the change of effect AND the change of Loopy track.

The first option I've already elaborated on in the other threads but haven't had any bites yet. Tonight I've been trying the second option and it seemed to make Loopy and Audiobus into a complete unstable mess. This is on a brand new iPhone 6 plus through an iRig Pro, and all apps are up to date - Audiobus 2.1.10 and the latest Loopy etc. All effect apps (jamup, ampkit, amplitude) run with no problems on their own. But once I run them with loopy and try to switch presets with the same midi key press as the one to switch tracks in loopy, well it'll sometimes work but most times I get random track behaviour, weird flashing around the track ring that I've never seen before, not the normal light running around the edges. Looks like some sort of error or warning. Combined with this there's the most horrible crackling distortion (not the good kind) that sounds like your jiggling a dodgy cable, but as I say on their own the effect apps run like a dream. The midi foot pedal I've tried mapping On to toggle record and Off to select next track, and I've also tried the reverse.

Maybe I'm asking it to do something it's not designed to do, but I can see all these threads about people successfully looping guitar in a live setting with effects, but I can't seem to find any examples of how people have set it up in AB and Loopy.


  • Option 1 is doable, but the effects would be applied on specific Loopy tracks, after they are recorded. So they would be dry as they are recorded into Loopy, then when they play back from Loopy, the effects would be applied... is that how you would want it?

    If not, option 2 is your only way, figure out a system for switching presets with a MIDI foot pedal. I suspect MIDI messages are getting double-sent or re-sent within your device by the way you describe what Loopy is doing with the random track behavior after MIDI messages are received. It may be a bug, who knows. If it generates a crash report, definitely send it in.

  • Hey Smelly Bob - yeah, I agree with @Hmtx, it sounds like some duplicate messages are being sent, or something. Try reproducing the issue, then use the Help -> Email Support feature to send me some diagnostics (maybe do it a couple of times).

  • Okie dokie, will do.

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