Loopy Audiobus workflow with multiple effects

I have a question over on the Audiobus forum (http://forum.audiob.us/discussion/7736/workflow-with-different-guitar-effects-on-different-tracks#latest), but I'm not sure, it may be more a Loopy question. I think my requirements seem simple - to have different effects on different Loopy tracks with both my guitar and my keyboard, but I can't quite figure out how to set it up.

Basically, I have an iRig Pro thru which I'm wanting to alternate playing my guitar and my midi keyboard into my iPhone 6 plus, with different effects ending on different Loopy tracks. I'd like to live loop without having too much stopping playing to fiddle with the phone. So I was thinking the way to do this would be to set up different Audiobus pipelines for each Loopy track...but that doesn't seem possible. Loopy will only do separate output ports but not input ports. So then if I have Loopy tracks as input, with one track/port per Audiobus pipeline, I can then apply a different effect on each as long as the effect apps are completely different apps in each pipeline because I can't seem to find any that support multiple ports in the effect slot. So that's kind of a workflow for guitar, but then if I want to play my midi keyboard thru something like Sampletank....well Sampletank only supports being in the input slot, so if I want to integrate Loopy in that, what do I do?

I must be missing some crucial point about all this. Could I solve it by having Loopy in the output slots (without any port distinction)? If so, how does the system know which pipeline to activate if I'm playing the same guitar which is the source of multiple pipelines?

Come to think of it, whilst I understand having multiple apps in the effect slot, I don't understand what multiple apps in the input slot is for? What does this do?

Any help much appreciated.

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