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MIDI Clock Drift over WiFi with Ableton Live

Hello there.
First off, thank you. Thanks for making a great software looper for iOS. I find so much inspiration every time I open it.
I use Ableton Live and LoopyHD independently. I'm trying to bring them together, but can't get the clocks to sync over WiFi. I'm confident in my clock sync setup as I've had success with other iOS apps (like Turnado, Effectrix, and others). Is clock sync over WiFi a supported workflow for Loopy HD as well?
My setup is:
MacBook Pro running 10.8.5 (legacy software is holding me back).
Retina iPad Mini running 7.1
If I set up Loopy to slave to Ableton, and then sample Ableton's output directly into Loopy, it only takes about one minute for the two to be completely and uselessly out of sync. I can provide examples if you need to see it in (in)action.
Can you please offer some guidance?

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