Is there a MIDI conversion app that works on iOS, like MidiPipe?

I have an iRig BlueBoard bluetooth foot controller that would be much easier to use with Loopy if it sent on-on commands rather than on-off commands. This means that I have to press the button twice to start and stop loops, making timing much more difficult. On a computer, there are apps that convert the BlueBoard signal from on-off to on-on and pass it along to Loopy as a binding. This particular app is not available for iOS. Does anyone know of any similar functionality in an iOS app?


  • The first one that comes to mind would be MidiBridge. I have read of people using Midi Designer for triggering multiple midi commands with one midi command. I'm sure the are others

  • Neither of those appear to be iOS apps.

  • Wow, my App Store search function didn't work too well.

  • Funny how the App Store works that way...

    And really unfortunate that the BlueBoard can't be configured to work the way Loopy needs.

    I have heard that both of these apps work great for different uses, but I have no experience with the BlueBoard.

  • As another workaround, can't you make two bindings in Loopy, so that the on command and the off command are both bound to the same Loopy event?

  • That's been tried and doesn't work.

  • If the functionality is not build in into MidiBridge, drop its developer a line. He's very helpfull, and can possibly write some custom code for you.

  • Thanks. I posted on that forum last night, and he did provide some code. He said it's a fairly simple arrangement. Fingers crossed.

  • MidiBridge definitely works to allow you to convert doubletap commands to a single on-on command for apps like Loopy. It's an $8.99 purchase but a huge improvement over doubletapping and definitely worth it to me. Setup takes about a minute and does not affect other apps like JamUp Pro, which I use at the same time.

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