Im trying to use LOOPYHD on IPAd & my Korg kronos but keep getting audio rerecorded into new loops.

so far everything seems to be communicating right except the fact that the LoopyhD program records all of the output repeatedly.

Lets say that i click on the first loop and play something, it records what im playing from the keyboard plus its own metronome.
If i go to the next track, it records the previous track ontop of what im playing. So during playback you get this annoying phase issue, obviously.

There's an option on the Loopy program itself that is titled "live input recording" that you can toggle on and off. I figure it has something to do with it.. I've played with that but no difference in terms of the issue.

If i use my headphone/microphone separately plugged into the IPAD, i dont have any issue with the recording that i have with the Kronos connected.

I figure since its connected using the Camera connection kit, the audio signal that goes through my kronos to my monitor is somehow being rerouted back into it.

I bet its not just an issue with kronos but using keyboards in general.

Anyone know how i can make it work?

Its a fun little program to use.


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    From your description, Loopy's output is getting feed back into the input. The "live input recording" is only for Recordings (session recordings) not Loop recordings.

    This happens, for example , when you use loopy with no headset attached and usin the built-in mic and speakers.

    Can you provide a complete description of what is connected what, and how. (e.g. Kronos USB cable CCK, Kronos stereo analog cable speaker, iPad headset jack nothing connected, ....).

    Is Loopy's output being played by the monitor (from your description) connected to the Kronos? If yes, then it might be a setting on the Kronos that is feeding the USB audio in (from Loopy's USB audio out) back into its (Kronos) audio out, resulting in loopy seeing it as audio in (again). Also, are you using Loopy alone or in AudioBus.

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