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Simple footswitch requires double tap, is there a better way?

I've got a simple single footswitch, like the ones you use for switching channels on an amp. The problem is I have to double tap all of my start and stop commands, (which makes timing difficult). Is there a way to change this to single tap?

Thanks for the help!


  • Watching. I had the same problem with the iRig BlueBoard. I couldn't figure out the timing.

  • Maybe it sends an on and off signal, separately. Check when you make the bindings in Loopy if you get 2 different "commands". Then "bind" both of them to your desired action.

  • Thanks Tom- didn't work. It does toggle on & off. I added both bindings and set them to the same thing / record. Then when I test it I have to double tap to start and double tap again to stop.
    I tested it with an amp pedal and it works on my amp to switch between channels with only 1 single tap. I've tested with a couple different pedals on Loopy and get the same result, both needing to double tap. I'm still stumped!

    Other ideas?

  • where do you connect the pedal to get the signal into loopy as a midi binding? it must be connected to some midi device. what does this thing do with the signal that comes from the pedal? is there something to switch inside this midi device to get the desired result?

  • It could be Bluetooth.

  • There's no extra settings on the footswitch. Just one single simple button.

  • can´t you switch (in the blueboard app) the behavior of the blueboard pedals from latch- to momentary-mode (in cc-mode)?
    this should effect the external switch too.

  • I can get it to work properly (single tap) with a keyboard sustain pedal. Just can't figure out why my other pedals require double tapping

  • Regarding the iRig BlueBoard, I received this response from tech support:

    iRig BlueBoard only sends On/Off messages when sending a MIDI Control Change (CC) or MIDI Program Change message.

    If Loopy is designed to receive "On/On" messages, the iRig BlueBoard and iRig BlueBoard app are not designed to send this type of MIDI message.

    We will certainly forward this information as a suggestion to our development team for further review. Please keep an eye on our website: www.ikmultimedia.com, for any news or announcements regarding future updates for the iRig BlueBoard app.

  • @ntrans: your other pedals seem to be on/off type pedals. the sustain pedal sends only one value.

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