Multi-track export?

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I love using Loopy to create live recordings on my iPad, but was curious if there was a way to export a song in sections so they can be edited/cleaned up in garage band?

I like the sketch-bookish results I get recording with loopy but would love to find a way to clean up a recording once its made. Just tossing that out there!



  • Hi thinayr,

    Are you talking about Garageband for iPad? You can copy a loop from Loopy (long tap on a loop, share, copy) then paste it into Garageband (long hold on an audio track, paste), although Garageband's audio editing capabilities are limited. You could try something like Multitrack or Meteor if you want more advanced editing.
  • Hey,

    You can also drag the "loopysession" folders out of Loopy to access the raw track audio in "caf" (soon to be "aiff" in the next update) format. You'll find the audio files in the "Media" folder within the "loopysession" folders.

    And thankyou!
  • Thanks fellas, that is good to know and I will certainly be experimenting with workflows that bring the loops into other programs.

    More to the heart of my thinking here: when you have all your loops set up in loopy session, I love how you can do a "live recording" that allows for performances based on the session. Especially with the ability to record live audio you can get great improvisational jams. The interface caters to this kind of live performance.

    My comment is more about this "performance recording" [•] itself being multi-tracked so it isn't just a flattened audio file. By saving it as an editable file it would offer the ability to adjust levels and polish track transitions... giving it more flexibility and taking it from "sketch book" to recording tool.

    I know this kind of polish could be achieved by using loopy as a simple loop maker, importing the loops themselves into another app, arranging them, recording additional tracks etc... but that workflow looses the amazing live-performance aspects of the loopy interface, which I think is Loopy's strongest suit.

    Again, just tossing it out for consideration : )
  • Ooh, interesting idea @thinayr. I'll keep it in mind =)
  • Cool idea! That would be dreamy. Even if it simply recorded a midi performance along with your stereo mix down. I guess you would either have to pre-assign midi controllers to actions like start/stop/mute/solo or (better) loopy could have a 'midi song mode' where those defaults are opionated and preset. I imagine something like each loop on its own channel and then some default set of messages for each recordable action. Midi file -> 'open in' -> virtual midi sequencer of your choice... Oh, man.
  • So, I can record the looped parts of a song, save it as aiff and then transfer to my computer to mix the tracks with Audacity?
  • Another dumb question...

    When I export from Loopy HD, is it just the individual loops or is there a way to record and transfer a whole "song"?

    I have Loopy, but am still not quite understanding the recording part of it. I plan on getting an iRig to explore this tomorrow. For now, I've only used the iPad mic to record some vocalizations to noodle with.
  • @HarpNinja - at present, you can pull out the loops themselves, or record a session as a flattened audio file. As discussed in this thread, I am considering widening the possibilities somewhat, however, possibly by storing the trigger information along with a session recording, so that one can ultimately export a multi-track version with all the timing information. This is still just a vague idea, though, not at all close to a reality yet.
  • Bummer, lol! I don't mind exporting loops, but what do I use to loop them into full songs in studio? Is it easy to sync them, etc? I want to record multitrack loops and then loop them to create the backbone of a full song.
  • @HarpNinja It shouldn't be too hard, just look at your BPM before you export your loops, then when you create your song in your CPU, put in that BPM and copy and paste!
  • Michael,
    How do you: "record a session as a flattened audio file," for file sharing with ITunes? I can't figure out how to do this. All I'm getting is all the individual tracks I've recorded.

  • You can use the session recording facility, @luci - hit the button marked "REC" on the control screen (tap the little arrow button on the panel to show this), and session recording begins. It'll record all audio that comes out of Loopy, and microphone audio if you have "Record live audio" enabled in Settings.
    Then when you're done, press "REC" again, and you'll find the recording in the "Recordings" section, as well as via iTunes.

  • I know this thread is a few months old, but if its still being considered... one simple addition would be great: when you record a session I would like two audio files recorded, one for the loops, and a separate one for the live audio. That way, for mastering in a DAW later, the loops from the song export could be mixed individually and the "recorded live audio" from the session recording could also be exported and mixed in on top of that. As it is currently, the "session record" flattened audio file includes live playing as well as the loops playing, correct? So, i think there's no way to separate out the live bits of audio that aren't part of a loop...

    The result would be similar to the request already stated here, but without all the programming needed to record the timing for triggering/muting loops. We can match up the loops ourselves in a DAW fairly easily later.

  • I love this idea, @Hmtx - I also quite like the idea of recording each loop to a separate track, too. I shall think about it =)

  • MIDI control over loops plus Audiobus would make @hmtx's idea a reality. Multichannel throughput in audiobus would help but wouldn't be required.

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    @syrupcore - It sounds like you are referring to changing the track mix during a Loopy performance. And the good news is that you can already do this to a degree! for example I have a second iPad I set up for MIDI designer running 12 sets of volume faders, pan knobs, and buttons for record/mute and overdub for each Loopy track. I have not had enough time to test the setup but when I get it sorted out, I'll post a better video.

    @ Michael, thanks for listening to our ideas. My suggestion was more on behalf of others who have the resources and time to take a Loopy performance and clean it up later in a DAW, specifically multi-track export post-performance (rather than live routing export as syrupcore is referring to). Personally, I'm just having fun using loopy for my own jam sessions. And it's heaps o' fun =)

    You can see my loopy page in MIDI Designer in this video, but I don't really demonstrate its potential.

  • I was referring to using midi to start/stop (or mute/unmute) loops. But I was misunderstanding what you're were suggesting anyway! Now I've reread the entire thread and it looks like I was just repeating stuff from months ago. :) sorry.

  • I noticed something strange. When I export a loop, the audio clip is longer than it's supposed to be. I tested this out by doing a straightforward drumbeat on loopy, and playing it back on loopy and recording. I dragged that recording into a protools session.

    Then I exported the actual loop itself, and lined it up with the recording in pro tools and duplicated it a bunch. When I did this, the duplicated loop fell behind the loopy recording.

    How do I export a loop and have it be the correct length, or how do I shorten the clip the right amount after it's been exported. thank you

  • @Michael said:

    You can also drag the "loopysession" folders out of Loopy to access the raw track audio in "caf" (soon to be "aiff" in the next update) format. You'll find the audio files in the "Media" folder within the "loopysession" folders.

    And thankyou!


    Would this work on current versions of iTunes? I seem to have issues extracting those folders...


  • As far as I know, yes - if not, use iExplorer, or iFunbox instead

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