Anyone have a solution to the CCK staying connected??

I just got the Apple CCK for the IPad, and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on keeping this damned thing connected. I'm going to start trying to Macguyvering something soon unless someone has a brilliant solution. Someone really needs to invent an IPad holder that includes a small piece that it clicks into.


  • My method is pretty expensive but it's bulletproof.


  • Ah, Apple, such design! Very Quality Assurance Testing. Wow.

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    Actually, the design works exactly as it was intended to: the lightning connector is intentionally made to disengage under a certain level of stress on the cord. It might not suit all purposes, but you can't fault the design.

  • The OP doesn't say whether it's lightning or the old style. My lightning connection is reliable, but I had to tape the old one in.

  • Are you using the short, rigid one? I got the one with the 3 inch flexible extension and it works great. Takes the pressure off the lightning port.

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