Simplest Behringer FCB1010 setup for Loopy on iDevice?

I tried an iRig BlueBoard for controlling Loopy on my iPad and didn't like the feel of it at all. The FCB1010 looks like a nice piece of gear at a reasonable price, plus it includes two expression pedals, which are add-ons for the iRig. Unfortunately, the 1010 apparently requires interfaces and setup that sounds like it could get real complicated real fast. A number of reviews complain about the huge learning curve. Is this a practical alternative for using Loopy on my iPad? I'm not very experienced in this area, so what are the minimum other items/apps that I need to make this work in the easiest way possible?


  • Yes, the FCB1010 can be complicated as hell to get setup, but once you get your head around the configuration, it's pretty simple. You can get desktop software for programming it easier, but everything can technically be done from the board itself.

    I only use two patches on the FCB1010 board. 00 is for controlling things in Tonestack, 01 is for controlling things in Loopy HD. I use the bottom five pedals for controlling the guitar pedal bypasses in my current preset in Tonestack. They stay there even through patch changes. To make this work nicely, I needed a UNO chip. Your ideal config might not require the stompbox functionality.

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    What hardware do I need to make it talk to my iPad Air? I use Loopy, Anytune, Jamup Pro and GarageBand.

  • @joshuajonah is it possible to install the unofficial firmware to sort out bugs without installing the chip?

  • Well, the software is free, but it needs to be printed on the chip with an expensive printer. The printed chip is quite cheap to buy. Although you should check if you really need it. For basic Loopy functionality you don't need the chip. Every factory preset button on the fcb1010 sends out a unique PC command. This is easily "bound" in Loopy. No needs to program the fcb for this. If you want to control something like tonestack or jamup at the same time, you'll probably need to do some programming off the fcb, as tonestack needs CC commands for example. If you don't need the stompbox functionality (which i personally dont) there is still no need for the Uno chip.
    I got it because using a Midi Piano in the Midi in of the fcb, causes glitches if used together with the expression pedal.
    Check the comparison sheet:

    For a cheap audiodevice for just guitar and fcb1010 i recommend this:
    I just bought an official 30pin to lightning connector to use with my iPad mini retina 2.

  • Thanks for your reply @Tom. I'm already sorted with all my gear (akai eie/mpk mini/arturia beatstep/lpd8) and I'm currently using Blueboard as a foot controller. I like it because it is small and wireless. I don't like it because it's just 4 switches and they don't give enough physical feedback to feel whether I actually pressed the right button etc, especially when I'm not looking down. One thing I don't like about FCB is that it is almost a size of a plane carrier and would probably do away with the expression pedals but I'd probably find use for them when they're there. I'd mostly use it for loopy bindings.

  • I had a BlueBoard and returned it for that very reason, Supadom. I couldn't tell if I had pressed the button or not, plus it was a little small for my size 14 feet. I tried it with shoes, slippers and barefoot. It needs some kind of confirming click. I was trying to create un-counted-in loops, just like a regular looper -- click, play guitar, click again and the loop starts, click again and it stops. One button each for four separate loops. I could never get the hang of it. It seems like Loopy was requiring double clicks, rather than a single click. If you're using it successfully, please tell me how you're doing it.

  • OK. I'll have a look later today or tomorrow and will let you know my settings. I fiddled with it when I bought it last year but can't remember fro the top of my head.

  • Thanks. In reference to Tom's post above, doesn't Loopy require CC commands and not PC commands?

  • Loopy can use anything as far as i know. CC's PC's notes on and off... I like the expression pedals, 1 is set to the volume of 3 loops (for quick mutes) using MidiDesigner, and the other controls the wah in Tonestack. Yes she's a plane carrier, but i also like to have something solid to play with.

  • Thanks, Tom. I remember changing the default in the BlueBoard from PC to CC. I guess I did that for Anytune, which did require CC's. I use JamUp Pro, which has a wah pedal. Is it hard to set up the expression pedals for this? I also have GarageBand, but I don't think it has a wah pedal, unless you have to buy it.

  • I did that too (pm to cc). This is my current rig

  • Everything packs away in the box.

  • Nice setup. Are you able to begin recording with a single tap and then begin playing the loop with another single tap? I tried to get Loopy to work like a regular looper and just couldn't do it with the BlueBoard. Maybe I gave up too quickly.

  • @Kyle76 That's how i work with my fcb1010. Works beautifully. Maybe the Bluetooth or the buttons produced too much latency, but my fcb1010 can time loops spot on. Jamup has a midi learn function, so again no need to program the fcb. Although, i do prefer Tonestack as they have several wah's. Jamup only has one. Tonestack has midi learn too, but only for switching preset up and down it demands CC's. (with a velocity over 50%, took me some time to figure out).

  • @Kyle76 said:
    Nice setup. Are you able to begin recording with a single tap and then begin playing the loop with another single tap? I tried to get Loopy to work like a regular looper and just couldn't do it with the BlueBoard. Maybe I gave up too quickly.

    I think that depends on how you set up bindings on loopy. If you bind it to record without count in, it should start recording immediately albeit I think you'll need the switch to be in 'toggle' rather than 'gate' mode but I'm not exactly sure if that matters as loopy seems to respond well to both. One thing to remember is that when in toggle mode you need to bind twice: off and on presses. Sorry if I'm not very clear. I didn't actually change that on the unit itself so it should just work as is.

  • @Tom what kind of cable connects the FCB to the Griffin dock?

  • A standard 5 pin midi cable.

  • What's up guys! Looks like I found who I need to talk to. I'm a full time musician hear and Colorado and I know absolutely nothing about anything you guys are talking about lol. But that's good because I NEED HELP! I just switched over from the RC-50 and have never used Midi for anything and I've been trying to program Lupe to work with my FCB 1010 and I have no idea what I'm doing. I've read instructions and gone through the process on the Fcb board. And I see that When I'm hitting buttons its doing things in the settings and bindings area. But I'm not sure how to get them to program and work together. I as well am looking to do a similar thing where you tap the pedal to start recording, tap to record again and then turn off and on. I even saw that @Tom Controls the volume of three selected loops? That's pretty awesome. I literally have no idea what this thing is capable of. I switched over to loopy so that I could have more tracks and so that I could also have tracks of different lengths that would stay synked. I got pretty good at that with the RC 50 but again your timing has to be spot on. So any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated guys thank you!

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    Tom uses MIDI Designer, an app that can receive the CC message from FCB1010 and send the same message to 3 Loopy tracks. This can also work to mute/unmute groups of tracks with a single pedal tap. research MIDI Designer's "super controls" to set this up. The routing gets a tiny bit complicated, but if you've seen Tom's videos then you've got an idea of how effective it can be. :smiley: 
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