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Ipod Touch Delay


I Just got Loopy HD yesterday. I'm using an iPod touch 5th gen. Nothing else open. Every single loop I make is offset by a fraction of a second. I always, without a doubt, need to twist them back so that the start of the new recording lines up at the start of the bar. I can't even keep a steady timing if i have headphone monitoring turned on because the delay is so evident that i keep subconciously trying to readjust my timing to match the delayed playback coming from the headphones, leaving me slower than the original tempo. Can i get rid of the delay somehow? It's driving me insane.


  • TomTom
    edited February 2015

    I had the same issue and opened a long tread on this a while ago. The problem is with the built in microphone of the iPod touch 5th gen. It delays. Try using the mic from a cheap headset, this should solve your problem.
    Recording using the iPod's connector will always be best though.

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