Will Loopy sync to an external clock?

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Will loopy sync to an external clock (from Ableton) so I can record loops while playing to a song already in Live? If so what do I need to set up.

Also is there a way to search the discussions so I don't ask questions already asked?


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    Yep, Loopy will sync to an external clock, or vice versa. I've synced to Ableton over WIFI and it worked a treat. I can't remember the exact process, but you can use Google to search the forums- try something like 'site:forum.loopyapp.com midi sync' (without the quotes).
  • (there's also a search box at the top right) =)
  • Syncs great with my Ploytec 34oneII.
  • (search cleverly hidden in graphics)
  • Yes it syncs, but you loose the possibility to start and stop.

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