Creating MIDI bindings from other Apps (Set List Maker) running on same device

Hey folks. I'm trying to set up MIDI bindings that send midi events from Set List Maker App to Loopy via the virtual port instead of a Network Session. Unfortunately, whenever I put Loopy into 'learn' mode and switch over to Set List Maker to send the event, Loopy doesn't receive the event and therefore doesn't create the binding.

I have tried creating the binding with a Network Session (which works!) and then download the plist file (with iFunbox) to a text editor, edit the file to make the binding with Set List Maker, and upload back to the Loopy App but the changes don't seem to stick.

I've heard that MidiBridge can be useful and I'm willing to try that but not sure if that will make a difference. THanks for any help in this matter.


  • Works for me using another app on my iPhone with a Virtual Midi connection.
    In Loopy under Midi > Control Inputs > you should see SetList...Virtual.. (or something like that. Are you seeing that and selecting the Add binding from there?

    Also, what kind of midi messages are you trying to send to Loopy from Set List Maker?

  • Yes I see 'Set List Maker' as a Control Input option in Loopy. If I enable it and try to create a MIDI binding then I have to leave Loopy to switch over to the other app (Set List Maker in this case which is sending a Note On/Off). When I switch back to Loopy, no event is recognized. It would seem Loopy needs to the frontmost app to receive that event and map it to an action.

    I can do this all day if I do everything via some external device but can't seem to get around the issue of having to switch to another app to send the event to be mapped

  • Loopy accepts midi while in the background. Do you have "Play in Background" enabled in Loopy settings?

  • Yes. And I can confirm that MIDI is flowing between the apps since I'm sending MIDI clock from Set List Maker to Loopy via the virtual port. On a slightly different note, I don't understand the naming convention in the Clock Inputs/Outputs section. It would seem that if I want Set List Maker to send clock to Loopy I would set Loopy Clock input to be Set List Maker. However the only way I I can get loopy to sync to external clock from Set List Maker is to select it as an Output. That seems backwards to me.

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