Trying to configure my iRig BlueBoard foot pedal

I'd like each of the four buttons to control a track. Is there a command that will begin recording a specific track on the first button punch, stop recording and begin looping on the second punch, and then toggle that track off and on with each punch after that?


  • Simple. Bind each button to "toggle mute" for 4 different tracks. The toggle mute button works to begin/end a new recording if the track is empty. then it toggles the audio on/ off once there is audio recorded into the track.

  • Very helpful! I'll try that. Thanks!

  • This is not working as I expected. I'm probably doing something wrong. I hit the button for track 1 as I begin to play a couple of bars, and then I hit it again as I finish, expecting the loop to begin playing, but it does not play. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Something happens, but I don't think the loop finishes on the second tap. It seems to keep going.

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