Mixer or AudioInterface?

I have to use Loopy HD in a gig in few weeks. I have iPad Air, CKK, UCA 202. I would like to add 1 microphone and 1 electric guitar into Loopy, and I know I need to buy a new audio interface. But I found Behringer Q series (302-502-802) produces mixer which are class compliant. Can I use behringer mixer as audio interface standalone? Does each channel will be recorded separately into Loopy?
Thank you very much, any help will be really appreciated.


  • @hybrid_decline - Loopy only supports recording to a single track(loop) at a time and it can be either mono (1channel recorded to both left and right) or stereo (2channels). You can choose from the available channels that show up, at least this is true for a multichannel audio interface, but then you would need to set the input channel again to change which one loopy is recording. Unfortunately, no midi bindings for this, so you need a finger available to make the configuration change. For this reason, a mixer my be a good choice for (maybe) easily selecting which sound source is feeding Loopy.

    From the XENYX Q Series mixers info:

    "Thanks to the built-in, bi-directional stereo USB audio interface, you can connect directly to your PC or Mac computer via a single USB cable. Now any signal source connected to the mixer can be recorded straight to your hard drive."

    It sounds like the interface will show up as a stereo input and you some how select on the mixer which mixer channel is sent to the USB or you get what ever is coming out of the mixer main output. Just an educated guess from the marketing info. Also looks like you need a di box (or guitar pedal I between that has a line out or some impedance match device) to connect to the mixer as it has only mic and line inputs (no HiZ).

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    Thank you very much for your exhaustive answer. I bought XENYX Q802 and now I'm trying to send input channel 1 (in which I plugged a microphone) to usb...But I cannot record anything into Loopy, although I can hear iPad and microphone sound from PA. Which is wrong? This is my config: iPad > CKK > Xenyx usb; microphone > Xenix channel 1; Xenyx>PA

    @Ganthofer said:

  • I've just found that if I depress USB/2-TR TO MAIN MIX, I can record loop, but i cannot listen to them from PA.. So every time I need to record a new loop, I have to push USB/2-TR TO MAIN MIX which stop any sound coming from PA (which is not great in a live situation). How ccan I fix that?

  • That would be a question for some with mixer experience. Hopefully some one will chime in.

  • Just had a thought, turn on Monitoring in Loopy. What ever is coming in to Loopy should be sent out (in this case back over the USB to the mixer.

  • thank you very much! I solved by using control room out instead of main output

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    Mixer Probably A Good Option Either Because I Have Used It

  • For what it's worth; I run loopy in the effects send slot of my mixer. That way I can loop my guitar and my vox.

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