Performing live with audio interface

Hey guys! Just got this app and want to use it to perform live- was told I would need an interface which fortunately I already have one! But now setup is confusing me. I'm doing this really simply... Will only need to connect a mic to the interface ( I have a Steinburg ur22) and I have iPad mini... I've tried to connect my iPad to the interface using a "lightning to USB camera adapter" but this didn't seem to work... So I'm real confused bc i don't see how his is different from a CCK ... Any ideas?


  • Also when I plug my USB ports into the interface the light blinks/turns on.... So I know it's gotta be connecting.. But the I try plugging my headphones into the interface (I don't have speakers) to see if I can hear the metronome through the interface and I don't... It's still coming out of the iPad speakers...

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    Steinberger UR22 is not class compliant and will not work with iOS. It requires a driver.
    Scroll down to view the comparison.

    Sorry. :(

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    From what I can tell, the ur22 requires special drivers to be installed. An iPad is unable to load any drivers, so I am pretty sure the ur22 will not work with iPad. Sorry for the disappointing news.

    When you were told you "need an interface" they did not give you the full information. What you really need is a "class-compliant USB audio interface" These devices require no drivers on Mac, PC, and iOS. The built-in driver is automatically compatible, and that is why it will work on iOS with the Apple camera adapter.

    Here's a list of class-compliant interfaces. :

  • Bummer! Thanks for the info guys!!

  • Am I going to have trouble finding an interface to work with an IPad mini? Or are they pretty much the same as reg iPads?

  • This regards all of iOS devices

  • Supadom, I think you are right, iPhones and iPods work, but only if they are on iOS 7 or later.

    All generation iPads will work with an audio interface- with the right 30-pin or lightning connections.

  • The Roland Duo Capture EX works nicely.
    Just remember to toggle the switch in the rear to TAB.

  • list of all interfaces that are class compliant.

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