Click Track Routing

Hello and first of all thank you eternally for amazing effort to create a new and easier way of expressing emotions through music..

We have been using Loopy for a while and through out our experience we lacked one option that would made a lot difference.

When you do not use foot pedal to trigger loopy and you use only your hands you have to activate click track before anything so you can arm track for recording to sync with the tempo.

Listening the click track along with the music limits the performance in a way that it becomes repetitive and boring, always hearing it at the background..

We would love to have the option of routing click track to different output than the stereo out so we can send it to our headphones and only whoever needs to hear hears the click and not the listener. This applies same for the recording the performance, you don't want to hear the click track in the recorded performance (if you are recording to external recorder)

Other than that in order to be synchronized with loopy and with other musicians click track is necessity, so we though there could be a better version of loopy.

All the best


  • Other than that we will try to use external midi clock generator to overcome this problem..

  • I use mimix app to route one loop dedicated to click in loopy using akai EIE red face. Works well.

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