New forum category: Marketplace

On @muzza's suggestion, I've created a new category for the forum, Marketplace, where you can buy and sell hardware/software.

The obligatory disclamer: A Tasty Pixel is not responsible for checking if an offer, a buyer or seller is legitimate. Do your own background checks, and remember, if something sounds to good to be true, it most certainly is.


  • edited February 2015

    Nice! This'll give me an excuse to dig into the closet, spare storage, under the bed, and see if I can lighten the clutter here...
    And...see what else folks have that we might "need" to enjoy.
    Great idea. Thanks!

  • Wow! 2 weeks has passed and nobody posted?
    Now I'll have to dig something out to see if anyone's paying attention...

  • Yeah, I guess it's not a major hit ;-)

  • Is anyone interested in a nearly new BlueBoard bluetooth 4-switch pedal?

  • I might be interested. Using the FCB for the complex performance work but for travel if like something light to do simple sound sketches. How has it worked for you?

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