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Loopy HD Unexpectedly Quits... Every Day

I get this "Unexpectedly Quit" popup pretty much every day. It appears when I load the app. My usage is exclusively in Airplane Mode, with the app connected to AudioBus, so maybe one or both have something to do with it. I typically quit all audio apps using the multitasking interface at the end of a session. Any thoughts?

Loopy HD Version: 1.4.10
AudioBus Version: 2.1.8
iPad Air (1st gen)
iOS Version: 8.1.3


  • edited January 2015

    Seems like you're doing everything you should...have you tried loopy in standalone mode? Maybe reinstall the apps?

  • I get them quite often too. I noticed this (also?) happens when i unplug my Griffin Studioconnect. Sometimes loopy crashes in front of my face because of this.

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