Gadget midi sync with Loopy

Hi there,
I have a problem when syncing Korg Gadget from Loopy.
When I press go on Loopy the Gadget sequence runs at double time!
I.e. If I set Loopy to 60bpm Gadget will run at 120bpm.
Any idea how to fix this?
Thanks :)


  • Ah, the joys of MIDI sync. It sounds like you've got two connections going at once - one from Loopy going to Gadget, and one from Gadget coming from Loopy. Easiest fix is to go into Loopy's settings and disable sending to Gadget, so you've got just one connection.

  • Ok great thanks sorry didn't realise I'd doubled up on syncs in there!
    Will give that a try soon.....

  • Cool sorted, thanks for your time! And your great apps. Looking forward to masterpiece.

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