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Loopy meets my homemade audio toys

A few months ago, I built this device that was basically a hacked cassette player that can "scratch" like vinyl records. Ever since then, I've been wanting incorporate looping into my tape-scratching performances, but I couldn't afford a hardware looper. Then I discovered Loopy, which turned out to be perfect for my needs. I put together a performance that incorporates Loopy, my tape-scratcher, and a little handmade rocker that lets me rhythmically hocket between two different sounds. It all yielded a really cool sound! Here's a link:


  • absolutely nuts, thanks for sharing.

    SO, how are you keeping your drum track (another iPad app??) in sync with Loopy? and I didn't see you tap in/out of your loop. Do you have a foot pedal running that? and what audio interface are you running into the iPad? so many questions

  • Hahaha, whoa. That's really damn cool.

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! No, I don't have a foot pedal. I had a drum loop running on my computer, and I found it impossible to get Loopy to start right on the downbeat, but I discovered that I can just enable "overdub after recording," and then it doesn't matter if the downbeats line up or not. As long as Loopy is set to the right tempo, my guitar riff will start looping as soon as I'm done playing, and then I can just use the two-finger tap to stop the overdubbing. Unfortunately, I forgot to stop the overdubbing when I shot this video, but my guitar wasn't making any noise so it didn't seem to matter.

    Oh and the interface is a Line 6 Sonic Port. Someone here on the forum recommended it to me. It works great and it was only 60 bucks.

  • !!!!!!!!!!

    Love it :)

  • Nice Mod. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very cool stuff! I dig the old-school sounds a bunch...
    Thanks for posting. Now you have me all wound up to record.

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