Metronome audio to headphones???

Hey everyone! Just a quick question. Is it possible to send the metronome audio to a different channel than the main audio? Like for a live situation have the metronome in your ear where no one else can hear it, but all the looping go to the PA?? I know I should just get good at manually starting the first loop to build off of, but it would be nice to have the metronome for at least that first track, but not to where everyone is going to hear it.


  • Hi! I'm afraid not just yet - this is something I most definitely wanna get cracking on though, but there're a couple of technical hurdles to trip over first.

  • Sorry, did I say trip over? I meant...soar skilfully over. Yep.

  • Cool. Thanks for the quick reaponse. By the way, I was talking to a guy recently in Greensboro, NC, and he designs audio-midi equipment. I told him about Loopy and that he should try to get in touch with you about designing a midi device specifically catered to Loopy. He seemed very excited about it and said he would look onto it. That was like 6 months ago, and I always wondered if he tried to contact you. On that note, have you thought about trying to design a midi controller just for Loopy? I know most people have the Behringer pedal board, but something more simplified to represent Loopy would be cool for those of us who are intimidated and frightened of trying to program that thing.

  • For normal use, the FCB1010 does not need to be programmed. Just simply press a button and assign a function in Loopy. No need to be afraid.
    Setup designs representing current hardware loopers can be nice for people making the jump.
    For me the FCB1010 is almost perfect. It just needs to lose some weight and needs even more pedals.
    Almost any other comparable midi footpedal is twice its price. They have to make it light durable and cheap to be able to compete.

  • Ok cool. I'm waiting on my Roland Duo Capture before I start trying to mess with the FCB. I've just heard horror stories about that thing. I guess it can do a lot, but if you say the simple commands are easy to program then that eases mind. Thanks for the response! I might be hitting you up directly in the future when ever I start trying to hook everything up!

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