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How do I email a Recording as a compressed file?

Hi all, I remember I could pick a Recording and export it by email as a compressed file (.m4a, IIRC).

For some reason, lately my app won't do this anymore -- instead, it tries to attach the whole uncompressed AIFF file to the email, which is a bad idea because of email size restrictions.

How do I go back to "lossy compress before emailing" mode? I've searched the settings but haven't found this so far. I'm probably missing something obvious.



  • Ah! I just looked into this, and it appears the iPad Air has changed something, and my test to determine if AAC encoding is available is returning (incorrectly) that it isn't.

    I've figured out a fix - it'll be in the next update.

  • Thanks. I'm experiencing the problem on an iPhone 5s, though, not an iPad at all.

    Let me know if I can help in any way. I'd love to be able to send stuff by email again.

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