Can I cobble any of this old stuff together to create a working rig?

In an effort to maximize the value of my aging electronics collection and fuel my growing interest in instrumental looping, I was hoping to piece together a rig with some unused equipment I have sitting around. Do/can any combo of the gear make a viable or working rig with absolute minimal additional equipment (I know at minimum a CCK will be needed)?

iStuff - iPad 1, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
Audio Interfaces - M-Audio FastTrack (the old one), Line6 PODxt
USB - powered USB 2.0 hub, endless cables of all type
Software - Loopy (duh)

None of my inputs will be MIDI, so I am concerned that the audio interface is the week(est) link here.

From my reading here on this forum it would seem the M-Audio -> USB Hub -> CCK -> iPhone 5 or iPad Mini would be my best option, but I'm not sure.

Any thoughts?


  • Sounds like a good start. You'll have to be more specific as to what type of instruments you wish to loop for any further suggestions.

    Check out this thread on the Audiobus forum for some different possible configurations:

  • Actually I went ahead and picked up a lightning CCK at the local best buy yesterday evening and with a little bit of trial and error with various cables got everything running with guitar -> PODxt -> FastTrack -> USB hub -> CCK -> iPad Mini. Ideally I'd like to utilize my iPad 1 for this task but I'll take what I can get with the lightning connection.

    Not that it matters but I plan to loop guitar, bass, trumpet, ukulele and Figure.

  • Yeah, sometimes you just have to start connecting things and see if it works. Did you experience any noticeable latency between your guitar input and Loopy output?

  • no latency noticed yet. i have only tested ukulele and bass (i used "guitar" as a generic instrument input), but they are both going through the same signal chain. the real interesting part will be adding trumpet as that will also put a mic and preamp in the chain....

  • Nice. Thanks for the input!

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