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Loopy + Voice Synth + Inter App Audio

Hey! So Bought an iPad instead of an RC550, and now I'm trying to turn loopy into a Boss Rc550 and this involves the FX presets in Voice Synth, which as most of you probably know doesn't support audio bus anymore... I tried using inter app audio, apples (imo inferior) platform and it spoke to loopy, and I recorded a loop, but when I tried to change the FX in voice synth it changed the sound on the loop I'd just recorded too... It seems very clunky.. Am I doing it right? I wish it supported audio bus, or if loopy was expanded to have controls like reverb and gain and a variety of synth fx to manipulate your voice.. Any plans like that??


  • I guess also, does anyone know of a similar voice synth app that is fully compatible with loopy and audiobus?

  • There are lots of options available. I'd recommend visiting the Audiobus FX app list:


    Don't forget that any app that works in the FX slot can be used to process vocals, depending on how much tweaking you want to deal with. Magellan, for example, though designed as a synth, has a pretty full featured FX rack. If you really want to go bonkers I'd take a serious look at Turnado.

  • I went for Magellan and ivoxel as a replacement... Magellen is great for fx and ivoxel just about has what I need...

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