Show and Tell 2015



  • Thanks. I ordered extra momentary switches as well.

  • No worries. Extra is always good ;)

  • @Nikon were having trouble getting the LEDs to work. Any advice? It doesn't seem like their is enough voltage to power them.

  • What sort of LEDs specs and colour are you using as I think mine are like the cheapest of the cheap without bleeding the eyes in red and lower MCD. I read that if you are using a different colour you need to also have a different resistor ohm. I used red for simplicity sake and they run in parallel with the SMD red led. Due to running in parallel with the same resistor the power is shared and the leds wont be as bright (the SMD led is much dimmer than one not running in parallel with another led). I'm happy with the brightness of my red leds in parallel tho.

    My DIY guitar effect pedals use a 12MCD rated 5mm red diffused led which is plenty bright for being active and I use a 1K resistor.

    A 9v power supply I built from scratch runs a 5mm diffused blue led with 350MCD using a 390R resistor and its extremely bright.

    Using a 470R resister with the Hide 'N' Seek Wah for the red (12MCD) and yellow (70MCD) led.

  • Mine are blue. (

    We are struggling to find the ground for columns 1-4 & 5-8. We found it for the play/loop function on the left hand side.

  • Oh my goodness. 5000MCD is probably gonna blind you in glorious blue.

    Common grounds for the LED right? If its anything similar to the v1 the LED + anode is on the bottom and - cathode is the top. Use a multimeter in continuity to probe around where the - runs to and what is shared. If its for the switches then just follow where the button traces lead to as there are 2 exit points where they surround the LED.

    I just use the diode for the hot so finding the common ground would be simple just probing with a multimeter.

  • I just did a simple but important mod on a Korg Microkey 25 to have a sustain pedal as using my left hand to press the button gets tiring.- 1/4" mono socket.
    Someone else used a 1/8" socket but I couldnt be bothered changing to a 1/8" jack on the sustain pedal. Best spot was out the front with loads of space.

    • Couple of wires
    • Soldering iron
    • Solder
    • Time
    • Drill

    Works like a dream :D

    !! Enjoy !!

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