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  • @joshuajonah said:
    I use an FCB1010 in a custom pedal case with Loopy and Tonestack. Midi app switching would really make my life a lot easier.

    Nice setup, Joshua. It looks like you use the pedal board for both Loopy and Tonestack control, right? Why not just have your Tonestack presets assigned to your chosen pedals and switch between them with Tonestack in the background? Do you like to noodle with the controls while playing live or do you just wish you could have a visual when switching between Tonestack presets?

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    Tonestack has a ton of lag when switching presets as I'm basically loading a whole new board. I don't really have a reason to switch presets while playing, but I use the bottom row of buttons for turning pedals on and off. I set them up in the order they are displayed in the preset, so a visual representation would be handy. The midi works in the background so I can switch control Tonestack while I'm in loopy and vice versa.

  • @joshuajonah

    I hear ya. I'm just getting into Tonestack myself as it seems to be less demanding on system resources than JamUp Pro. I love JamUp but I can't seem to escape occasional crackles even when running JamUp>Loopy with no other apps running. So far I haven't had this problem with Tonestack. It's midi binding options rock as well.

    As to your setup, if you don't have too many pedals running at once you could just dedicate each foot switch to a particular type of pedal (eg. switch 1= overdrive, switch 2= mod, switch 3= delay, etc.). That way—as long as you always keep your pedals in the same order—you could turn them on/off without looking at the iPad regardless of the preset being used.

    Alternatively, you should be able to create a template to control Loopy and Tonestack midi bindings on a single screen using Lemur or a similar customizable midi control app. I know this has been done with Lemur for controlling Loopy and Turnado from one screen. This may require more work than you want to put into it, though.

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    I had my pedals like that, with labels for overdrive and such, but found it more of a pain because I have presets with the pedals in different orders and it was confusing. The Lemur thing is cool, but not really for creating loops, I need to see them starting and ending. I've been playing with the JB tweak "ReachApp" but Loopy isn't built with the Adaptive UI framework so it goes nuts when you try to use this. Even the ability just to see three loops at the top or side would be great, but for now I'm stuck bending over to switch 30 times a set. The other option is to use the new Activator API and build a midi action tweak for Activator, on a jailbroken device, you can go against the rules and switch apps without permission, one of the large reasons why we can't switch apps. They don't seem to care about this ability in audiobus because of some immature rift with another developer suggesting it.

  • @joshuajonah

    Some returns just don't warrant the efforts required to get there. Although easy app switching would definitely be very helpful my idea of an ideal setup is to have everything you need always in front of you. Got to be able to stay in the moment/music when live. Perhaps an extra device (such as an iphone/ipod touch running Tonestack) is the ultimate solution. Maybe a laptop running something like Guitar Rig>Loopy. I don't know. Just some ideas.

  • Bump

    Anyone interested in sharing your setup with the community?

  • This is me

  • Here is mine of now.

  • Thanks for sharing. Is that a Boss FC-50 hiding under your table? Is that your main foot controller? I've been playing with one but am still trying to figure out the best way to set it up.

  • Well spotted. It is an amazingly well built controller let down by the fact that a/b switch sends midi messages so can't be used as a binding and reduces the board to only 5 switches. Also the fact it only sends pc not cc messages means you can't take advantage of the new hold feature in loopy. Still, I prefer it to Bluebeard which wasn't really tactile. My rc50 goes into akai eie midi in.

  • I hear ya. The FC-50 looks like it was designed to switch between FX presets. So, what do you have your 5 switches programmed to, if I may ask? You never use the B bank (6-10)?

  • I'd like to use the other banks but every time I press a/b to change the bank it triggers one of my bindings. Don't you have this problem?

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    Here it is in action

  • @Supadom said:
    I'd like to use the other banks but every time I press a/b to change the bank it triggers one of my bindings. Don't you have this problem?

    Indeed I do have that problem. I recall mentioning a few workarounds in a post made to a different thread:

    The truth is I just haven't decided which workaround is best. I'd like to get one or two of the add on switches just to experiment with but haven't done so yet.

  • Cool jam video, BTW. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a lot to keep track of.

  • That's a robust looking setup. Loopy running on an iPad mini? And what do you do with the iPad on the mic stand?

  • I use the 2nd ipad (generation 1) for lyrics. I actually now use an iPad Air 2 for my main looping ipad.

  • Aha. Lyrics means just a display for lyrics so you don't forget any lines?

  • Yep. I play a ton of covers on top of a couple originals, so it is tough to remember all the lyrics. Plus, my memory is the worst.

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    Good stuff. Got any videos of you using your Loopy rig?

  • Not as of now since I just redid it. I have it setup with Mimix abd Audiobus to control what loops and when. It sounds pretty good.

  • Nice. Never heard of Mimix.

  • Check it out. I can now change what is sent to loopy on the fly. For instance, since I use direct monitoring on my Soundcard, I can turn down my vocals on MiMix and play and sing through the PA, but only my guitar is looped at that time. No bleeding and it cuts down looping time.

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    Midi pedalboard

    1x Korg Nanokontrol v1

    1x TPDT heavy duty footswitch

    24x Momentary heavy duty footswitch

    20x B10K Linear 15mm pots

    1x 90cm Dual USB 2.0 A female socket panel mount to 2 USB A male extension cable

    1x USB A Female to Mini USB B 5Pin Male left angle adapter

    1x Logitech Premium 4-Port USB Hub

    1x 6.5mm Stereo Insulated Unswitched Socket

    2x Prestige 65mm Plastic White Magnetic Catch

    10x 5mm Red Diffused LED

    18x Skirted Knob For Standard Pots Black 23 Depth, 14 Height

    1x 12mm MDF for base

    1x 3mm MDF for top

    4x Box jointed side MDF panels (garage scrap wood)

    1 USB port connected to CCK/Lightning USB adapter

    Other USB port connected to a Behringer U-CONTROL UCA222 which is then looped in/out with a Behringer XENYX 1002FX mixer

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    Build with wiring pr0n ;)

    Nanokontrol is fully stripped of pots, faders, play/pause/etc... leds

    Yellow kynar wire used to bridge accidental solder pads being ripped off

    A Stereo 1/4" cable needed for the 1/4" output jack at the rear to hookup a volume pedal

    The TPDT switch is to swap between the last pot/volume pedal

    Enjoy the mess of the internal wiring

  • @Nikon, that looks like those sophisticated knitting patterns my wife often used ;)

  • lol owi

    Soldering was the easiest on this project. Longest was doing the enclosure box joints, glueing, undercoat, glossy enamel painting then the circuit probing of the Nanokontrol to make sure I had all the right grounding and whatnot.

    Being this was my first woodworking project the enclosure was a learning curve with box joints for extra strength plus extra wood braces in the middle.

    Theres nothing like a good box of wholesome spaghetti wires ;)

  • Just added another toy to the collection :)

  • Crazy work, Nikon. Now you just have to learn how to use it.

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