Loopy app for windows

Hey everyone, i do not own any iOS devices, and currently cannot afford one, but i love the idea of loopy. if we could get loopy for windows 8.1 i would be rather greatful. This would also open up sales to another large group of customers.
Thank you for reading this and thinking about the idea of multiple platforms.

loopy for windows 8.1 and/or android.
  1. Expand loopy to more platforms?4 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Windows
    4. Andriod


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    Mac OS for me, but @michael already said he wasn't planning anything like that in the near future because he's too busy to do versions for multiple platforms. Which is understandable...

  • hey thanks for letting me know Munibeast.

  • I guess I feel like the biggest feature for Loopy is the touch screen interface. So I'm happy with iOS only.

    If I wanted a complex looper on Mac or PC there are other options already. Möbius, ableton Live, sooperlooper are a few I've played with before finding Loopy on iPad.

  • I am a very hopeful new Loopy HD user. I actually purchased a license perhaps 3-4 monthsago but am just now brave enough to try getting my ideas to work about iPhone audio apps as an alternative experimental guitar rig for myself in some situations. Well enough about me, I am hopeful I will get new options and all that I hope for from AudioBus, Loopy HD, JamUp Pro, BIAS and some other apps working together. I just wanted to mention what the original poster in this thread had to say seems valid to me. I am a long time PC user and have sometimes used PC laptops processing guitars for performing with great results and reliability. I want to emphasize I am offering this constructively in a high spirit and not trying to troll. But the forum is full of problem reports relating to your iOS platforms. A Loopy WIN software would not be a bad thing for Win users. Well, that's all I had to offer, I am just a new new user. Thanks for Loopy HD, I'll be learning how to get it working the best I can on my iPhone.

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