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Can't edit forum post

I keep getting this window when attempting to edit my post. I tried deleting cookies, signing out/in, and quitting browser.image


  • Are you signing in directly to the forum or using a Facebook or Google login?

    I just edited a post myself not 2 minutes ago. I don't log in through any of the alternative login methods, I registered with the Loopy forum. No idea if this the cause of your issue or not.

  • Direct sign-in, Muzza. Actually, I was able to make one edit almost immediately after making the original post. Then several hours (maybe a day) later I tried to perform another edit on the same post and got the error message.

  • I think that's deliberate @Justajiva, to stop spammers from posting legit content and changing it to spam later. Probably a bit heavy-handed though, I'll see if I can relax it a bit.

  • Ok. It's a week now.

  • The post I edited was a few days old. Have you tried since? Have you tried on a different machine?

    As an example, I can't edit or delete Facebook posts on my iPad - even though the commands are on the screen but I can adit and delete on my MacBook.

    FWIW, I CAN edit loopy posts on my iPad. Sorry I can't be more helpful. You need Herr Michael to interject.

  • I was just going to say that it's probably because you're still an unknown newbie - but Big M was writing at the same time.

    Hey @Michael, in another forum I'm involved with, the noobs are allowed a 5 or 10 minute window to edit their posts. Is that possible?

    Other forums require their first 5 or so posts to be OK'd by an admin/moderator, but I would imagine that would be a bit of a drag for you and an unwelcome addition to your workload.

    I definitely believe, in this spam-filled era we live in, that the noob restrictions are vital.

  • Yeah that'd be nice - actually it'd probably remove the need for edit limits on everyone else then. Alas I don't think it's possible - there's just one field.

  • Thanks a bunch, Michael! You nailed it. I now have 4 days left to edit and was successful in doing so already. Much better this way. Hopefully that won't open the door to spam issues.

  • While we're on the subject, I should mention that the post preview feature is wacky. It opens a preview but only shows a fixed size window with no scrolling option. That means you can only preview the top part of a post. Definitely a bug.

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