Ipad Audiobus/processes overload. Help!

Hey guys, I've finally ordered and compiled all my hardware and software for the ultimate looper! I'm using an IPad Air, focusrite itrack dock and KMI soft step 2 for midi foot controller.
I'm attempting to send vocals on channel 1 via final touch and guitar on channel 2 via jam up pro, while using funk box as the midi clock master, and Thor as a synthesiser.

The iPad can handle any of these apps individually but not all together. Loopy is working great alongside the kmi softstep, I can get seperate channels for vocal and guitar working fine, but adding final touch and/or JamUp pro crashes one or all of the apps.

My iPad Air is 16gb with 2gb free. Is there anything I can do to get everything to work? Any way of speeding up the iPad or minimising it's other processes?

Any tips would be great guys!



  • Sounds like you might have to start cutting back your setup little by little. I've had trouble getting Jamup to play nice with Audiobus if I add anything more than, say, a recording app such as Loopy. Every little thing that can take up system resources will help. Examples are other (unnecessary) open apps, wi-fi, bluetooth, too many FX, latency buffer sizes, etc. One thing I've found to work pretty well is to use a synth app like Magellan that can simultaneously double as an FX processor. In the FX slot of AB this will still allow you to play some synth from it if desired. It may take some time to create your presets for guitar, vocals, or whatever but it's really quite capable for this purpose. Magellan also has much more flexible midi binding options, IMO. Hope this helps.

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