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Simple Question..

edited June 2012 in Techniques
Hello -
I just purchased Loopy to use as a creative tool. I perform Flamenco guitar and needed a simple way to capture say a 8 - 16 measure progression and have it end on the last measure and auto play so I can create ideas over the loop. Not overdub, but simply use it as a guitar "partner" if you will.
May sound stupid, but I cant figure it out - any help??


  • Hi Vincent,

    Okay - what's going wrong for you, in particular? The typical way to do this hands-free would be to set a tempo, then use the clock length selector to set up a 8-16 bar loop, then tap a track to begin recording (with "Count-In Recording" on in Settings). The track will count in, start recording, and stop at the 8-16 bar mark, then start playing back.
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