How to Sync Loopy w/DM-1 [via IAA in BM2!]

So DM-1 has personally been my most favorite drum machine and thus far I have always been super disappointed that the MIDI clock sync between LoopyHD and DM-1 has never worked correctly as the DM-1 clock will drift away from the Loopy clock and eventually the two programs are far out of alignment.

I just picked up Beat-Maker 2 [BM2] since it was on sale and was surprised to find out that you could insert DM-1 into BM2 as a IAA Track. When you change the tempo in BM2, DM-1 will slave to the BM2 tempo.

However, for whatever reason, when you send MIDI Clock from BM2-->Loopy things don't work UNLESS for some reason, inside of Loopy's MIDI settings, you turn OFF all clock inputs. This makes no sense but if you have BM2 set to send MIDI OUT + CLOCK SEND and select the LoopyHD Output ON but turn off the inputs in Loopy itself, Loopy will slave to the BM2 Tempo.

So that's how you can use BM2 as a master clock to control both LoopyHD and DM-1 - I haven't tested it under super rigorous circumstance so I'm not sure if there will be eventual clock-drift, but for my purposes it seems to work ok.

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