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The loops start some ms before!?

edited December 2014 in Support and Feedback

Hi guys,

I am spending several time on loopy, and I always had the feeling that my loops were a little before, not perfectly on time. And I was thinking "but maybe later, because of some delay, not before, probably it's just a feeling". I always had this feeling, also when recording any kind of instruments.

So I decided to do this test, and maybe you could try it.

Try to open whatever app for drum loop, in this case I am using drum jam.
Now assign the master clock to loopy (everything is on audiobus obviously).
Now record the loops using the start button from loopy, just 2 measures. When the loop will end, you will feel that the two drums (one running on drum jam and the other one on loopy) are not perfectly in sync.
Now try to move clockwise the drum loop on Loopy and... you'll start to hear a flanger: the tracks are almost together. It means that the drum loop on Loopy comes a little bit befor.

How's possible?!?

Maybe there's something I can try do to? Or maybe just insert in the app a feature that moves automatically all the loops some ms later? :-)

Maybe that could be not important for someone, but for me it's extremely important. The timing on loops is everything.





  • Hi Marco - I'm sorry about the delay, just getting to the last few things in my inbox now.

    This definitely is a bug, either in Loopy or the other end. I'm gonna look into that now.

  • I have exactly the same thing @Michael. It doesn't happen always but I'm getting it more often now (or maybe now that I'm sure it's happening I notice it more?). Anyhow, even the drummer confirmed that what records doesn't play back exactly what I've played. My timing is not ideal but I'm pretty good. Please fix ASAP as it is very irritating and takes fun out of using loopy. Cheers.

  • In my case it is loopy as I've made loads of tests to work it out. Recording in sync and then seeing the loop quantising as soon as I finish which makes loop play back earlier which makes it sound rushed.

  • Check your email, guys.

  • Ah dammit

  • Any other way of getting it?

  • Less conveniently, but yep. Email again.

  • Ok, sweet, back at ya!

  • Yup! On it - 2 minutes

  • Am I reading right?

    '- Replaced MIDI clock implementation with the new Spectacular Sync Engine'!!!

    Will it still start stop sync with samplr?

  • Actually, it's not very exciting - you'll probably notice almost no difference, except more solid clock receive (send was already pretty much perfect).

    The Spectacular Sync Engine is based on Loopy's sync code (rewritten from scratch to be more solid, and with a bunch of tests added), so it's going to work quite similarly, just better.

  • Okay, install now

  • Good enough for now ;)

  • Thanks for the massively quick reaction time.

  • No worries =) Let me know how it goes - there's a possibility it's not actually fixed yet, but I'm hoping. Some pretty big timing improvements in there already, anyway.

  • Night night, will do some testing tomorrow morning 1am GMT here. Take it easy

  • Wait, couldn't wait. Fired up my audiobus preset but can't see the loopy beta. Do I need to uninstall the regular version?

  • Alas yeah, right now you do, to use it with Audiobus =( I really should make a separate app registration for the Loopy beta, but it's always been such a low priority I've not gotten around to it. Make sure you move your documents out via iTunes/iExplorer first (you can pop them back in by zipping them up first)

  • I'll just copy the whole bunch with ifunbox

  • It ain't working. Sunrizer, Magellan and line input (basically all stuff that gets monitored via loopy sounds real bad. Very digital and completely distorted. Hope I can get my old loopy back.

  • Back where I was before. Thanks for the attempt.

  • What the? My testers are reporting it's working quite nicely. Did you try rebooting?

  • Noooooooooooooooo!!! Will give it another try tomorrow. Will report back.

  • Hehe, nevermind - I'll look into this a bit more first. That shouldn't have happened.

  • Ok, I reinstalled it. I have several apps in my live set up. Everything works well until I plug in Magellan. It seems like there's some midi misfiring even though no midi is being sent to Magellan. I have Magellan in the fx slot as I use it on vocals.

    Audiobus preset 'Click': http://preset.audiob.us/62tbCuzxTWJLU3B

  • So Magellan I have here is the old version which I kept because the latest one shows 'open in app store' in audiobus so can't really test it further.

  • Wow, you're up late! =)

    Right, so it's just Magellan that's playing up?

    I have the latest Magellan (which seems to work fine with AB, BTW), and I'm getting no troubles with System Input => Magellan => Loopy.

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