Want a metronome count-in to a long loop

This keeps coming up as a stumbling block when I try to use Loopy. I play guitar, and often want to record a 24 bar or longer loop of a set tempo. Ideally, I would to tell Loopy I want to start recording, get a 4 click count-in, and start recording until the 24 bars are done. Especially since I have a guitar with both hands tied up, I really need that count-in.

I know at least the Loopy basics well, and I know:

  • How to vary the length of loops
  • How to turn on the metronome
  • That there is indeed a Count-in button

But I really don't know how to do what should be a simple thing. Most of the time, I end up just have to wait while a long loop goes all the way around to start recording. The Count-In button doesn't do what I expect when I try it.

Can anyone give me some fool-proof steps to make this work?


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  • Works for me. Check your settings.

    • Tempo set (tested @ 60 bpm)
    • time signature set (tested @ 4/4)
    • clock set to 24
    • synchronize tracks On
    • Count-in recording On
    • Count-in quantize 1 bar
    • Count-out recording Enabled (if you want it to stop recording after 24 bars)

    With all tracks empty, tap the start (triangle) and the metronome starts. Tap an empty track and it will show the flashing count-in. Depending on when during the 4 beats you tap the track, you may only get a couple of beats, as it will start on the next one count. So to get the maximum of the 4 beat count-in, tap it between a 4 and a 1 count and you'll get the full four counts before recording starts ( if that make sense).

  • Thanks. I'll try it. Btw, I would not want the count in recorded with the main 24 bar loop. Maybe I am asking too much.

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    The metronome is audio out only. If you are using AudioBus and Loopy as an input, then be sure to select the individual tracks as the inputs and not the complete Loopy output as the AB input, otherwise the metronome will be recorded to the AB output.

    Also, just to be clear, the metronome is either on or off. The count-in only provides that there is a visual indication ( Orange flashing spot on the outside of the loop) and X number of bars leading up to the start of recording once you tap to start. So the metronome will continue unless you turn it off. In your case, with your hands playing guitar, this could only be done with a midi foot controller.

  • That did it! I think the key for me is hitting the play button first, not a track. And recognizing the CountIn basically corresponds to the flashing edge of a loop.

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