MIDI signals - Is there a Loopy use for this button on my foot pedal?

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I've got a Hughes & Kettner MIDI pedal which was made specifically to control one of their amps.

It has 7 buttons and a 7 LED 'bank' display. The first 4 buttons are A, B, C & D - the control buttons. The next two buttons are the bank up/down buttons. The last button is labelled 'tap' and I've found it sends a different type of signal when I connect the pedal to 'MIDI Monitor' on my Mac.

The ABCD buttons are program change - which I can use with Loopy. I want to know if there is any use for the last 'TAP' button. It sends a 'Control Change' message - if I tap it to set a tempo, the LED flashes to that beat, but only for a few seconds. I was thinking I could use it as a visual metronome, but that's not gonna work.

So looking at the attached screen grab from MIDI Monitor, is there any useable function I can use this button for?

If it's of no use, my favoured option is to neatly cut the last button off and the PCB underneath. The PCB under that section only has the button and LED attached to it.


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    Well, it sending differnt values in data 2 when you press it, so it's not really any good for using as a tap tempo for software unless you write the software to handle it. It is however operating as a momentary toggle with data 1, so you could use it for any momentary reason. It may work for the software tap tempo, but the blinking of the led it does wont really align with the tap tempo you're actually setting. Some people like to hold a button down while they tune.

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    Thanks @joshuajonah, I think I'll just remove it and shorten the board.

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